Primary NAICS Codes

561110 Office Administrative Services                         561210 Facilities Support Services                            561720 Janitorial Service Support

Administration and Facilities Support

HPC offers alternative payroll solutions by reducing associated costs and risks. We foot the bill:

•    Accounting Clerks 
•    Legal Assistants 
•    Mail Clerks 
•    Shipping & Receiving 
•    Material Handlers

Can someone else fill your vacancy?
Maybe. But at HPC, we don't just fill vacancies, we support them, because we care about your business - and our staff. Whether your business is administrative, clerical, light industrial, warehouse, or IT-related, our support activies and training make our people better. And they make your better. It's not just good business. But it is good business.

You have the facility. We have the personnel to run it.

Your building looks great. But who's going to keep it that way? We are. That's because our staff is trained to keep your bathrooms clean, your floors shiny, and your mail timely. We do the little things that make your business work flawlessly.

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