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Human Potential Consultants

​​​​​​​​​"Your Link to A Better Future"

Joyce Keener and Garnett Newcombe are the Founders of Human Potential Consultants, LLC (HPC) an award winning employment solutions company.  HPC was founded on the belief that assisting individuals to improve their self-worth, work readiness and employability skills, will increase job opportunities.

Keener’s and Newcombe’s biggest obstacle was convincing government and nonprofit agencies that HPC’s goal was not to replace a service, but to be used as an alternative to their already existing services. Today, HPC is established as an “alternative employment solution” for government and nonprofit agencies

Their hard work and focus on working with persons with disabilities, veterans and persons facing extra ordinary challenges in obtaining employment, they put HPC on the map as a company that “put people to work” nationwide through its government contracting and workforce development services. Today, the company is one of only a handful that provides a wide range of diverse employment solution services. This achievement and persistence confirms that HPC implements the highest standards for all its customers.

Over the years, HPC has received numerous awards and recognitions nationally to include U. S. Small Business Administration (SBA) in 2011 as one of the 100 businesses that have created at least 100 jobs prior to graduating from the 8(a) program and the “Give Me Five” award presented by Women Impacting Public Policy.  This award honors leaders who have dedicated time and energy to the small business community locally, nationally and world-wide.

HPC's legacy is leadership, accountability, customer services and workforce excellence. The promotion of quality employability, business solutions, job creation and workforce development, along with experience, knowledge of the role cultural introspection  provides aids the impetus for the body of work and success standards afforded to each participant.

Keener and Newcombe Co-Author the following:
Human Potential Employability and Work Preparation Workbook; Job Readiness and Self-Marketing Program Workbook; Job Club: Another Source, June 1997; revised edition 2002

Human Potential Workplace Inclusion & Integration; Employability Assessment and Work Behaviors; Workplace Acquisition and Retention; Employment Techniques and Self-marketing Principles; and Job Readiness.

Author: Be A Successful Government Contractor: Essential Strategies for Women-Owned Businesses to Take On the Government as a Customer (2013) Co-Author: Get Past the Obvious: Real Talk About Real Problems for Small Businesses Today (2014)