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Human Potential Consultants

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Workforce Development

 “HPC’s core belief is that “employment is the cornerstone to maximizing human potential in our society today.”

Workforce Development and Job Creation Services bridges-gaps, connects, upgrades skill-sets, indentifies and prepares, workers for the current critical and evolving  need of businesses for prepared, skilled and experienced workers.  Our services are aligned to meet current and future workforce needs. Secondarily, the assessments and training services identifies pre-employment and work readiness issues that may impede employment opportunities for long-term or structurally unemployed individuals.  It also, provides identification, clarification and transferable skills analysis that support reality job matches.

                                                                                 OUR SIGNATURE SPECIALIZED SERVICES

In collaboration with the South Bay Workforce Investment Board through the Transitional Subsidized Employment Program (TSE), HPC offers on-the-job training to unemployed individuals seeking skill enhancement and reentry into the workforce. Each participant is provided a structured training plan geared toward providing knowledge and skills essential to performing the full scale of requirements of the position on which they are trained. The duration of the TSE program extends over a 9-month period, with potential for permanent placement after the successful completion of the program. HPC believes in working within the community by putting people to work.

Human Potential Consultants' (HPC) Four Tier Differentiation Training Design is for the Veteran to gain a better understanding of their skills and abilities. The training develops a practical and a proactive approach to employability and employment. The key is the identification and assessment of what the individual already knows, as gained through interest, learning and experience inventories. At each “Tier” the Veterans are able to discern where they “fit”, the required skills necessary to meet current and future employment standards for a more skilled and diverse workforce.

HPC’s PEP is an “alternative service” designed for those parolees in need of additional structure and assistance beyond normal parole supervision.  The program blends intensive pre-employment preparation services to include Life Skills, Substance Abuse Education, and Anger Management, Budgeting/Money Management, Parenting, pre-employment preparation and job placement services.